Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ward Surgery

ASDA ward surgery this morning with colleagues from all three Haughton wards, together with Eileen McElroy, our Police Community Support Officer.

Whilst after 16 years it's difficult summoning up the enthusiasm I had when I first became a councillor, getting casework sorted is one of the most satisfying elements of being a local elected representative. As always, it was good to talk to friends as they came in to shop.

One issue that was raised with me and Eileen was the continuing problem of mini-motorbikes being ridden illegally, not only on open space, but also on-street too. We were told that Hercules Street is a regular rat-run first thing in the morning.

As I've blogged previously, we have a standing request in with the Police to get the motorcycle unit down from Durham and target the area. This will include Red Hall, which is also a troubled hot-spot. Eileen advised that it would be good if residents could keep a diary of dates, times and locations where they see bikes and quads being ridden illegally, and then pass the details onto her - her email address is

Those caught are given a warning. If they then re-offend within 12 months, whatever they are driving anti-socially will be confiscated.


Anonymous said...

Hi nick.
didnt know where to leave this comment, did you see the Lib Dem story on thursday in the Northern Echo, you might be interested in a reply thats been made, wonder what thats all about?

Darlington Councillor said...

Well it was a remarkably bombastic interview for a Party leader with just 4 (count 'em) yes 4 colleagues on a Council of 53. You can read it here:

I was glad to read that the LibDems now have "an extremely professional group of hard-working councillors." Where does that leave Fred?

Anyway, the allegation "Mrs Hastie" is aluding to, against an unnamed councillor, has been swilling around the Council for a while now, probably initially via Number 22.

I take a zero tolerance approach to this sort of nonsense, as you know, regardless of the party or person at whom it is directed. If anyone tries to use this blog to spread malicious tittle-tattle, I will of course delete it.

Anonymous said...

could you please add theindpendentcllr to you link list

Ian White, said...

Nick, why a warning then confiscation why not a fine for no licence, road tax, or insurance, if it was me out here in the sticks, there would be no such warning! Is there 2 sets of laws in Darlington for off roaders?