Monday, June 25, 2007

Malgre nous, le deluge

Mopping up continues round town after the pummelling the town took over the weekend.

Officers estimate that the level of rainfall in such a short period of time was a 1 in 50 year event (at least). Flooding which led to scenes like this above at the Woodlands Road/Bondgate junction were repeated elsewhere in the town centre and beyond. In Haughton West, water from Thompson Street East spilled into back gardens in Idaho Gardens again. I've contacted StreetScene on behalf of residents to get the gullies cleaned out as a matter of urgency.

Our Victorian sewerage system simply can't cope with these freak conditions, albeit that infrastructure in new housing estates may help in the longer term. I'd like to pay tribute to staff from Community Services who were working up until midnight on Saturday and on Sunday too distributing sandbags and clearing drains.

The major impact lingering on today I understand is on Crown Street and the library. The library was closed today, and will offer a limited service on Tuesday. It will fully re-open on Wednesday. Cockerton Library is open as usual.


Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

We were at the Mount Pleasant Football Tournament at Branksome School when the storm struck on Saturday. We hid in a gazebo, but had to abandon it as the force of the water lifted a culvert and raw sewage poured down the field towards the gazebo.

Andrew's team had played 3 won 2 and drawn 1 and were looking good for qualifying for the semi finals when the tournament had to be abandoned. It was horrendous.

miketually said...

My wife had the pleasure of wading home from town, along Haughton Road on Saturday, after abandoning the bus which had been diverted up Hundens Lane.

The sun had come out in time for the wedding we were at on the afternoon, although the rector had spent the morning trying to clear the water out of their car park.

There was some flodding at work. We have ventilation on the roof, which is raised enough to allow nine inches of water on the roof, but it still came in!