Friday, June 15, 2007

The Last Hurrah

I can't be sure that this was Tony Blair's last formal Labour Party function in the North East, but last night's special reception for the Prime Minister certainly felt like the dying embers of his time in office.

It was organised by Alan Milburn and Labour North in our magnificent new College of Technology on Haughton Road. There were friends from the Labour movement across the North East. Great atmophere (and great food too from the catering students).

With no press present, Tony gave very relaxed speech - would he have cracked the joke about the lap dancing club in Consett if the Daily Mail had been there? - which touched on familiar themes - Labour's renewal, the utter irrelevance of the Tories, and the potential for the next 100 years to be a progressive century, but only if the Party is prepared to embrace continuing change.

A heartfelt round of appluase at the end.


The Darlington Tory said...

You should enjoy this Nick.

There I was, working happily away surveying track and trackside near Teeside airport for a new telecomms system for the rail network, it was pouring down, so when I got back to my van, a nice mug of rosy, thinks I.

Within 5 minutes the police screech up to halt, jump out and bang on the van window. My first reaction is bloody hell it's the political correctness police, as I have a liking for "Robinsons Golden Shred Marmalade" my kids bought a mug with the golly on.

No nothing as exciting, my van has no Network Rail livery at the moment, as I await new van, and as such the police were there to protect Blair, a bloody good job says I, because if I knew he was coming.

You will be pleased to hear that with such rebellious talk, the police laughed with me rather than arrest me.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame they didn't arrest blair... one day his time in the Hague will come...

miketually said...

Don't mention the war! Anonymous mentioned it a moment ago, but I think he got away with it.

ian holme said...

Good to see Bal close the "big guns" once again.

Only seems like yesterday he was dressed as chicken on High Row with the words "The Councils Plans are coming home to roost" on his times have changed.