Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is there enough to do in Haughton for kids?

Firstly, thanks to all the young people who've posted about the fair today. I've read all the comments - even the rap lyrics...

I'm very sorry that the fair had to go - I'm sure that it would have been just as good as the Northallerton and Yarm fairs that some of you have mentioned.

Unfortunately, it was simply in the wrong place. It was too close to people's houses, and parking would have been a nightmare. If we'd known about it sooner, we could have helped to sort something out.

Councillors sometimes end up listening only to some groups in society, and in this case, I'm sorry that we talked only to local residents and didn't think to talk to young people as well.

I've got the message loud and clear that you feel that there's not enough to do in the area, and that the fair would've been great. It's about to go now, and there's nothing that's going to change that, but maybe you could tell me by commenting below what you think would be good for kids in our part of Darlington? Then we can turn this into something good for the area. How can the Council listen best to young people around here? We've got the MUGA in Whinfield, and there's the Dolphin and Eastbourne Centres, but what else would help?

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Anonymous said...

if u smeelllll wat the rock is cooking!! first things first finally the rock has come back to darlington!!! r u going to put the fair back up ?........ it doesnt matter! wats your name?... it doesnt matter wat your name is !