Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogging for Gordon

To Newcastle this lunchtime for a speech by Gordon and the Deputy Leadership hustings.

Gordon got a genuinely warm welcome in what has been after all Tony's backyard. He clearly has been working on his speaking style (which can't be any easy thing after so many years at the top of politics). Pacing the stage, by turn he was passionate and committed and occasionally very funny. Like Dr Johnson's dog on its hindlegs, the surprise wasn't that he told the jokes so well, but that he could tell them at all.

There was far less of the "great clunking fist" in evidence, albeit with a middle passage which was the usual recitation of stats about the economy. I guess old habits will die hard.

Tony's speeches at events like this were political masterclasses. In one policy area after the other, he would show how it was important to steer a line which put the Tories where they didn't want to be, as well as appealing to the instincts of the British people. As an exercise in political theatre, they were peerless performances.

What we got from Gordon however, were several significant reminders about his father and the lessons that were instilled in him as a child, and the values-based politics he espouses as a result. I got a sense too that he will be much more interested in the practical workings of policy, which maybe has been lacking to date, and will bode well for further reforms.

It would seem that the public have begun to rumble just how insubstantial a figure Cameron is. Today, Gordon made a perfect start.

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Anonymous said...

Reforms reforms. we know what that will mean don't we? More Putin style represion of us ordinary Brits.

Anyone can see what you lot are up to. Pity your supporters can't. Boy are they going to be mad when the penny drops.