Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trimdon Labour Club

This is probably the last time that Trimdon will be the centre of the media scrum that has engulfed the village.

Tony is due at 11.45am.

No MP's here, (presumably all in the Commons) but the hall is heaving with local party members and various bigwigs from the trade union and local authorities around the region.

Hand made placards (all supportive) are ready as the usual M People music blasts out.


ian white said...

M People "movin on up"
surely, The People "movin on out"

Paul Leake said...

Trimdon seemed fairly active last night when I drove through.

Will be interesting to see if we end up with a Parliamentary by-election if TB's experience on world affairs does bag him a top international post (and who would run to be a Labour candidate).

miketually said...

Were people carrying negative banners coralled into a Free Speech Zone, like when Bush visited?