Friday, May 11, 2007

Statement from Alan Milburn MP

Clearly feeling the hand of history on his shoulder, (or is it the clunking fist?), Alan has put this statement out at lunchtime,

“I will be supporting Gordon Brown to be the next Labour leader and Prime Minister. It is important that the whole of the Party now unites around Gordon. I do so in the hope and expectation that his leadership will rebuild the popular coalition of support that brought us three election victories under Tony Blair and can win us a fourth under Gordon Brown. Winning will mean New Labour uniting around new leadership and renewing our policy programme so that we can meet the challenges Britain faces in the future. I intend to play my part by supporting Gordon as leader and by contributing to that process of policy renewal.”

I have always thought that the Party needs to unite around Gordon, and to that end, a single challenge from the Far Left, be it Meacher or McDonnell is to be welcomed. A decisive victory for Gordon would demonstrate to the entire Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) that the backbench nonsense since the last General Election will not be tolerated, and that the Party demands a united approach from the PLP.


Anonymous said...

Statement from Alan Milburn.

Anyone for a Pepsi and a bag of crisps?

Anonymous said...

I assume the "down to earth socialist" bit is as true as my being the "down to earth king of france"?

is gordon a socialist? is alan?