Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Referendum Campaign to Tories - "Bog off, you're useless!"

Those of us in Labour are becoming used to figuratively wiping the spittle from our eyes after rants from Mayoral Referendum campaigners like Harvey Smith.

I suspect that it will be rather a new sensation for Darlington's Tories, however. In a curious piece on the Town Liar, Harvey describes the Conservative opposition as "dismal and pretty wishy-washy."

Warming to his theme, he adds, "The Conservatives and the remainder of the opposition have had so much to go at but achieved so little. If you cannot do anything with the issues out there at present what confidence do the voters have that your party and its representatives have the ability to make the right decisions for the people of this borough as a whole. This is why apathy rules."

Of course, Harvey Smith's tactics are painfully clear - he needs there to be dissatisfaction with all the political parties in Darlington if the Referendum is to have a prayer in September.

It does, however, leave those Tory candidates who campaigned for a referendum in a curious position. I wonder whether David and Kate Davies, the Cartwrights and Jan Mazurk share Harvey's analysis?

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