Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Planning News

Steel Store Ltd (formerly JW Recycling) on Albert Hill have submitted a planning application to operate a waster transfer station out of their premises.
The site is sensitive because it overlooks the Skerne opposite Rockwell Pastures, and in particular houses in Inglewood Close, Martindale Road and Deorna Court. As I blogged in February, residents have complained about the wood-chipping operation there. This has not only been very noisy, but fragments of wood and metal have been sent flying into the area by the river popular with walkers and cyclists. After we passed complaints on to the officers, the company was warned and the Health and Safety Executive involved.

They currently recycle waste wood. The company now wishes to include other wastes including glass, ceramics, carpets, metals, green wastes and general wastes. They say they won't accept fridges, freezers, monitors, flouresent tubes, asbestos, tyres, TVs, gas canisters, toxic materials, or oils.
Frankly, I want to know a lot more about their plans, particularly what constitutes "green waste and general waste". If residents have questions or would like to make representations, they can contact planning officer Andrew Harker on 388624, or via email at The plans can also be viewed at the Town Hall under planning reference 07/00340/FUL.
I'll update when more information is available.

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