Friday, May 04, 2007


Indications from both the Tories and the LibDems suggest that the LibDems have picked up both seats.

Elsewhere, the Tories look to have comfortably held College.


ian white, said...

Nick shocked at the Hurworth prediction thought it would of been one each for Lib/Tory but thats politics.

How has the 104.86% turn out in Hurworth worked out? Surely this means too many people have voted!

Wheres the Parish results???

ian holme said...

peter foster certainly still paying for his inaction over the school. Labour totalled 77 votes, in a ward that was once decided on a flick of a coin.

Obviuosly the people of hurworth have long memories of what labour has attempted to inflict on our village.

Congrats to Martin, well deserved!