Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Corporation Cup

A "proud dad" moment. My eldest son James has been a committed swimmer since he was four years old. He now swims competitively for Richmondale, and has taken part in the Scottish National Championships for the last three years.

James trains at least seven times a week, which often involves getting up at 5.30am for early morning sessions. I am constantly in awe of his staying power.

The premier race for juniors in Darlington is the Corporation Cup. First awarded in 1935 after being presented by "the Corporation of Darlington" (hence the name), it takes place annually over 100 metres. In last night's race, James beat the cream of talent in the town and came home with the cup.
Over the years, James has accumulated hundreds of medals from umpteen galas, but this was something special. Fantastic!


miketually said...

Congratulations, James.

I was at a meeting at the Dolphin Centre last night and arrived just before the swimmers were let in to the centre. There must have been 100+ teenagers outside the doors, but no sign of any bother at all.

Well done to everyone taking part.

Ian Holme said...

Congratulations to him.

Family members swam for Wales in their youth and I know only too well the comitment and hard work required to compete at this level.

Well Done

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to james and his proud dad who will have supported him well done and many more cup to come.

Steve J

Anonymous said...

How long before he goes bald?

Darlington Councillor said...

Many thanks for the first three comments - unaccountably, James doesn't read this blog, so I'll pass them on.

I think that brings this thread to a close.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that he is your son? There is a complete absence of the paternal round face and is has a predisposition for sport and fitness unlike his flumpish father.

None of the facial features seem similar between the two people in question either.

Darlington Councillor said...

James will be delighted to know that you detect no physical similarity between us, anonymous.

Alas for him and AJ, photographs taken when we were all infants look strikingly similar. You can't escape your DNA.