Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bristol Rovers 3 Shrewsbury 1

Time to crack open another bottle of Pinot Grigio and belt out Goodnight Irene once more.

Great to see that some happy Gashead has already updated our Wikipedia site to reflect our regained League One status.


A chance to experience 3000 Rovers supporters give their own peculiarly-haunting take on the ballad below..


Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Congratulations to the Pirates.

Who would you have supported if Darlington had reached the play offs and the final? We can but dream.

Anonymous said...

Strange that you support the blue team in Bristol & not the red!. Although Camerons Blue Labour are now left of New Labour, i think Mr Hitchens stated recently on the BBC. Any team with 40,000 supporters deserves success in the play offs, unless it was against Darlo, when like fellow Labour football fan Gordon Brown, you would have had to cheer on Darlo through gritted teeth.

Darlington Councillor said...

The Rovers/Darlo dividing line isn't the only one in our household, Alan - both my wife and sister-in-law are Fisheads from Grimsby, so there's been some fairly fraught Saturday afternoons around tea-time for the last few seasons.

And for the record, I believe you should first and foremost support the team you were raised with, so every Saturday I back;

(1) Rovers
(2) The team playing City (hiss)
(3) Darlo

And then the rest of the teams in the North East. Not being born here means I have none of the sectarian aggro for the other clubs. Even Hartlepool.

As for the colour of the team shirt defining your politics, anonymous - well, if you make the argument in reverse, traditionally Labour in Darlington wore green and not red rosettes. So we'd all be, er, Plymouth supporters?

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Same in our household. Sue supports Man City from the days of Franny Lee. I support Middlesbrough - always have done. The boys veer between Middlesbrough and Manchester United with Darlington as their third team.

I am a great admirer of any player and any team who play the game well and in the right spirit and with the right attitude.

Enough of fottball it's the cricket season now. Both Yokshire and Catterick Village CC (who are in their 25th year) are top of their respective leagues.