Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back on the road(s)

It's Annual Council tonight, when the appointments for the year are made - I've been given Cabinet responsibility for Highways and Transport once more.

I have to say that I'm delighted - the coming 12 months will see several key projects come to fruition, notably the Eastern Transport Corridor. Overseeing the completion date and budget will be a key task, as will work on Haughton Road to ensure that the benefits of the new road in reducing congestion are fully realised.

Tackling congestion elsewhere will be a top priority, with bids in to address trouble spots across the town.

Our work as a Sustainable Travel Town and Cycling Demonstration Town will also enter a new phase. A cycle/pedestrian bridge will be built across the East Coast Main Line on Haughton Road, and I hope there will be substantial progress on the cycle path along the Skerne towards the town centre. Parking needs sorting out in several places on the outskirts of the town centre. Finally, we have set out an ambitious set of targets to implement 20mph zones in our manifesto in 7 places around town, which needs following through.

All-in-all, it should be an exciting year.


Anonymous said...

Somewhat presumptuous, surely, given that the Annual Council Meeting has yet to confirm this.

Darlington Councillor said...

Well, only slightly presumptuous. Labour does have a majority of 5, so it would require a rebellion of my colleagues to dislodge the recommendation. Still, we'll have to see....

miketually said...

"A cycle/pedestrian bridge will be built across the East Coast Main Line on Haughton Road"

This will make the route from Albert Road to the town centre viable, so is very welcome news. Getting to Albert Road is still a bit hairy for Haughton, Whinfield and Springfield residets though.

"I hope there will be substantial progress on the cycle path along the Skerne towards the town centre."

This is also brilliant news, and means an almost traffic-free route to the town centre for a large portion of the town. The secluded nature of the route does make it unattractive as a route to work for a large part of the year, however, so work to make Haughton Road and North Road safer for cyclists still needs to continue (or start, in the case of North Road).

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it Veronica copeland is up for a cabinet seat is this correct?

ian holme said...

Hi Nick,
In the circumstances, continuity is probably a good thing.

Will you now be able to push for the road safety iniatives on Eastmount rd as discussed some months ago?

re copeland.
If this is true it sends a very bad signal. DBC gave her governor of the year for chairing the govs of a school identified as the worst in the country. It appears in this case that a position is awarded regardeless of her ability or suitability to the job.
Not a good omen for the future management of the town.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks Mike and Ian.

I'll provide further updates on the cycle routes as and when.

Regarding Eastmount Road - as you know, Ian, the initial feedback from officers and the Police wasn't very promising for those residents looking for more traffic calming, but it's a situation I'll keep unbder review.

Regarding Veronica - it might be best to wait and see, Ian. I'm certainly looking forward to working with her on cabinet.

ian holme said...

so veronica has the consumer and environment portfolio.
Given her record, keeping the streets clean may be quite applicable.

Ian White, said...

Nick, dosent your statement we have a majority of 5 simply prove how unfair the present system is?
Basically it seems all postions were pre planned, what was the point of having the meeting?