Thursday, April 05, 2007


Further evidence of the continuing health of Darlington town centre comes with news that another well-regarded company is looking to move into town. Along with nail and juice bars, coffee houses seem to have typified new trends in the early 21st century High Street. A prospective new entrant is Starbucks, who have just submitted a change-of-use application to trade from Nos. 2 & 4 Queen's Arcade (what was the always over-priced Bakers Oven).

I've liked Starbucks when I've used them elsewhere. They have a decent record on ethics, promoting at least one Fairtrade coffee, and serving in cups made from recycled material. There's more here.
It was also good to read that there's a planning application to turn the old cafe at 6 Bakehouse Hill (opposite the Dolphin Centre) into a pub/restaurant. Anyone wanting more details on either scheme can contact planning officer Lisa Hutchinson on 388588. The plans can be viewed at the Town Hall too - the Starbucks application is under 07/00279/CU and Bakehouse Hill under 07/00311/CU.


Ian White, said...

However Nick Coffee is a Diarrhetic would it not of been more prudent to include more public toilets in the PHart? The present problem of chewing gum may pale into trivial insignificance if the coffee epidemic takes off and the nearest public/ disabled toilets are under the market or the Dolphin. Or perhaps your new road sweeper machine is good at sucking anything up!

Anonymous said...

So, a new pH and then just to top it off so it looks like all the other PH's in the country, you want a starbucks, not a local business man to try his luck, a multinational company whose aim is profit, pure and simple.

this says all you need you know about your council.

Darlington Councillor said...

It doesn't say anything about the Council, anonymous, as DBC won't take a view on this, and the matter of the planning application will be decided at Committee which is of course unwhipped.

I was expressing a personal view about Starbucks, and as I tried to indicate in my post, they are not your standard multinational company, but are working ethically in several interesting ways.

You don't have to go, if the plan goes ahead. I certain;y will be.

Anonymous said...

I will personally be thrilled, along with ny friends, if starbucks comes to Darlington