Thursday, April 19, 2007

Right of Reply

This comment from Cllr. Steve Jones, the LibDem's former Group Leader who signed the BNP nomination forms was posted on a thread below. I repeat it here without editing;

Cllr Steve Jones replies.Mike Barker should stick to one story he knew about this on the 11.04.07 and decided to keep it quite when they knew it was to hit the press they called a meeting at which was discused the possible outcomes it was stated i could be sacked from the local group this was turned down by all but mike barker i was then asked to resign which i did (i was not sacked ) i was also given the assurance that my council colleagues and the party would continue to support me this has now been withdrawn, it also appears from the lib-dem site and this blog, that this was never there intention i admit i was very foolish in what i did and there was no malice attached and i appologised, as stated i have been suspened by the national party but will continue to campaign to be elected so i can continue the work i have done and wish to carry on for the residents of north road, if re-elected i will have to become an independent councillor but will continue to work hard for all residents in the ward, i am a liberal democrate and have never supported the BNP or it ideals and will never do so but i do believe in giving the local people the choice to vote for whoever they wish this is democracy. I have e-mails to back up the statments that have been made.

I deplore what Cllr. Jones' has done, and I believe he has still to explain properly why he signed the nomination papers. It's clear however, that Darlington LibDems have behaved in a shoddy and cynical manner - pretending at first that they only found out about this yesterday, when in fact they have been sitting on it for over a week, and hoping that no-one would find out.

If Steve Jones (rightly) had to go for signing the nomination papers, then those in authority in Darlington Liberal Democrats should be considering their position too. I've always had a lot of time for Mike Barker, although we are political opponents - c'mon Mike, reconcile these different versions of events.


Not surprisingly. the story is in most of the papers this morning - the front page of the Northern Echo, the Guardian, the Independent and the Times all have coverage. The Echo's Leader Column today is particularly damning.


mike barker said...

If you read my post you will see quite clearly that "yesterday" refers to when I had confirmation that Steve's nomination for Council could not be withdrawn. It does not refer to when I first suspected that the Steven Jones who signed the BNP nomination paper was the same Stephen Jones who was our candidate for North Road ward.

Anonymous said...

The people will decide .

the residents of north road know cllr steve jones has worked hard for them for the last 4 years and will if re'elected will continue to do so,I know this as i have worked with Cllr Jones on variouse
groups in the ward. I think this is disgracefull how the Libdems have treated this fine ans upstanding councilor.
I can understand this sort of behavior from the conservatives as they are running scared. I will be voting for Cllr Jones and i hope others will continue to support him too.

"One mistake does not constitue a hanging"

Anonymous said...

Saw this on the BBC - Darlington in the press again - what's going on up there. I think the word mistake is an understatement .... I think that someone that stupid shouldn't even put out the washing let alone be a member of the Lib Dems (and the leader - ha ha ..) If I was a Lib Dem I wouldn't even ask him to leaflet as he'll probably end up in the wrong town. Hold on --- send him to my patch in my patch in Gipton & Harehills in Leeds as a leafleter .. we could do with him volunteering for the Lib Dems - he'd make chaos.

Anonymous said...

Whilst much despised the BNP are a legitimate party, personally I do not agree with their views but as a legitimate party what exactly has SJ done wrong other than bad judgement? Would anyone of moaned if he'd signed Labour papers? NO hes being made a scapegoat for doing nothing illegal, stupid yes, illegal NO!

Anonymous said...

cllr jones, has done so much work for them in the past and present and was the most decent councilor out of all them. He has my full support in this matter as he has done nothing at all wrong WHAT HAPPEND TO DOMOCRACY???. i have allways voted lib dems all my life they have now lost my vote after the lib dem party suspended an excellent coucilor! I thought the lib dems were firm belivers in domocracy? WE NOW KNOW THERE NOT!

Anonymous said...

cllr jones made one mistake, this whole matter is pathetic... would anything have been said if he had signed a form for one of the other parties I THINK NOT?

Tony Sparrow said...

You’re so funny Anonymous, what if this ‘leader’ was Labour who made this ‘one’ mistake... I'll bet your response would be ever so slightly different!

Paul Leake said...

Tony - Labour's expelled people quite frequently for nominating or appearing to publically advocate support for a candidate standing against the party. It's one of the few things parties demand of their members.