Thursday, April 19, 2007

The perfect storm engulfing Darlington's LibDems

Full Council this evening. You may or may not be surprised to learn that none of the LibDems' 3 councillors were present (polishing their jackboots, one wag suggested).

Since my original post earlier this afternoon, the story's been picked up by Iain Dale, and from there presumably onto the BBC website.

Steve Jones' status as a LibDem candidate seems to have fluctuated - at first the LibDems stated that he has resigned as Group Leader but would continue as a LibDem candidate in North Road. This changed within a matter of hours and now they are claiming that Cllr. Jones was sacked. It would appear that he has been suspended as a member of the Liberal Democrats.

As always in politics, sometimes it isn't the original scandal which finishes people off, but the attempts to cover up afterwards. Remarkably, Cllr. Jones has posted a comment in response to my original piece, which I will repeat above. It will make uncomfortable reading for Darlington's LibDem hierarchy...

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