Monday, April 02, 2007

Out and about

My blogging may get a bit sketchy over the next few weeks, as we enter the "short campaign", so apologies for that.

I've spent the weekend getting out about half of our first leaflet of the campaign - it makes the point on the front cover that Labour has delivered big improvements to the whole of Darlington - 8 brand new schools opened in the last 4 years, and 6 more on the way; 3,000 new jobs created with Council help since 1997; £25 million invested in roads and pavements since 1997; South Park restored to its former glory; newly-refurbished Dolphin Centre; 11 full-time community wardens and more state-of-the-art CCTV cameras; and finally that the new town centre Pedestrian Heart is nearing completion.

Inside, though, the point is hammered home that Labour works in every community too. We've got a map of the ward on the inside pages, which in the case of Haughton West has 22 examples of where the Labour Council and Labour Councillors have made a difference - some big some small schemes, but all which have made a difference to the quality of local residents' lives. At a time when politics is becoming more and more local, it's a strong message to highlight how voting Labour really does change things for the better.


miketually said...

Like I said in another post's comments, I think those leaflets are really effective.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for that Mike - you don't know how much reassurance your comments have given me!

ian holme said...

"Inside, though, the point is hammered home that Labour works in every community too"

err EVERY COMMUNITY? are you sure?
What has labour done to address the specific issues concerning hurworth?
cildren/youth facilities? nothing.
schools? nothing
20 limits? nothing
cctv? nowt
new roads? nothing (unless you mean the application of loose chippings last year which aleady require replacement)
sheltered accommodation? rebuild ongoing yes, but at the expense of nearly 50% of the accommodation!

can we therefore look forward to a nice little map of Labours good works specific to hurworth?..........

Ian White, said...

Yes Nick
Leaflets.. my printer has needed several ink transfusions of late!

miketually said...

Just seen on the Darlington Future site: "The Conservative candidate in Haughton West is Mr George Jenkinson"

The Conservative candidate has a first name!

Darlington Councillor said...


As I guess you will have gathered, the leaflet is designed to indicate where both the Labour Council and the Labour Councillors together have a made a difference on a street-by-street basis. Plenty has been done in rural wards without the added ingredient of having Labour representation I'm sure, but the leaflet highlights the sometimes small but important things that Labour Councillors have managed to achieve - in the case of Haughton West from new street lighting to road safety schemes to CCTV and other measures to combat ASB.

Should Hurworth residents choose to elect Labour Councillors on May 3rd, I'm sure the Party would be happy to put out a similar map leaflet later on indicating how they have made a difference in your community!

Yup, Mike, someone's told the Tory Party hierarchy that their candidate isn't simply "that taxi driver Jenkinson" but that he actually has a first name. I'm looking forward to seeing his hand-delivered material during the campaign.

Ian White said...

I wasnt taking the preverbial I meant I had been printing leaflets also!

Darlington Councillor said...

Excellent Ian - best of luck with the campaign. I'd be interested in what you're turning out.

I still shudder when I think about the leaflets I first produced when a candidate in various student elections. They were conceived mostly in the bar, and involved cheesy slogans and nicked images from Peanuts and Garfield. Scarily, the "sincere smile" I'm displaying on material for May's election was the same one I essayed for the Student Presidential election in 1987 (albeit I had loads more hair then...)

Unfortunately, Google have made it difficult to change images. so it seems I'm stuck with the profile of me in that lousy brown jacket, as far as this blog's concerned...

ian holme said...

hi nick,
so i take from your inability to point to any item specific to hurworth that this labour administration is NOT working for EVERY community as you originally stated.

even a few "small but important" items would have been nice!