Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Labour's candidates for May

Labour was the first political party today to announce all 53 of its candidates for May 3rd's election. Cllr. John Williams said today announcing the list, “Residents in every ward will have a chance to vote for the party which has delivered 8 brand new schools in Darlington; brought 3,000 new jobs to the town and which has invested £25 million in roads and pavements.”

“Now we need to look ahead as the future of the town is decided. It seems likely that Labour will be the only political party which has the confidence and ability to stand candidates in every seat across the Borough. This gives people in every ward the chance to have their say on our ambition for the town.”

The list has a number of young first-time hopefuls for Labour cutting their teeth politically in the election. They include Daniel Taylor in Cockerton East, Esther Taylor in Hurworth and 20-year-old Richard Copeland in Hummersknott. He said, “I will probably be one of the youngest people standing in May. This is an interesting and exciting experience for me, finding out first-hand how local government works. I really want to make a difference.”

Ward Candidates

Bank Top Stella Robson John Williams
Central Isobel Hartley Edward Jenkinson

Cockerton East Paul Baldwin Daniel Taylor Bryan Thistlethwaite
Cockerton West Jennifer Chapman David Regan

College Elaine Hope Maureen Klein
Eastbourne Bill Dixon Roderick Francis Lee Vasey
Faverdale Sandy Thorne-Wallis

Harrowgate Hill Mark Burton Liz Hart John Vasey
Haughton East Chris McEwan Geoff Walker
Haughton North Tom Nutt Veronica Copeland
Haughton West David Lyonette Andrew Scott Nick Wallis
H'gton & C'scliffe Allan Day Philip Williams

Hummersknott Richard Copeland Harold Baldwin
Hurworth Valerie Pringle Esther Taylor
Lascelles Wendy Newall Jacqueline Maddison
Lingfield Ian Haszeldine Lynne Haszeldine
MSG Philip Crumbie Liz Muggleton
Mowden Daniel Klein Jacqueline Saint
North Road Michael Nicholson Susan Richmond Bal Shukla
Northgate Eleanor Lister Dorothy Long

Park East Cyndi Hughes Joe Lyonette Glen Reynolds
Park West Kim Baldwin Amanda McEwan

Pierremont Stephen Harker Patrick Heaney Marian Swift
S’brge & Wh'soe Ian Black


Miranda said...

Good luck!

miketually said...

(Sorry in advance if the following comment leads to a huge discussion on the elected mayor.)

What I like about the current system of Council we have in Darlington is that I can look at a list like this and see one person I work with, one who my wife knew at a toddler group, one whose kids go to school with the kids of people I know (which will soon be my daughter's school), two I met at a fiftieth birthday party, one whose web forum I use and one whose blog I'm writing this on who I have met in person several times.

That's seven candidates who I 'know', just on one party's list of candidates. Some, or all, of these seven people will have a real chance to influence decision-making in the town. I don't feel that I move in especially well-connected circles, so I assume that this is true of a lot of people in Darlington. These councillors are real people with real jobs and real lives.

If we end up with an elected mayor, what power will these people have? Checking up on cracked paving slabs, god mess anc graffitti? All important issues, but far removed from the real decision-making.

How likely is it that I (or other people) will actually 'know' whoever gets the job? The role seems much more like a full-time job (hence the full-time salary) than the current system of councillors, so it'll be very unlikely that I work with him or her or that they'll be taking their kids to school or toddlers groups.

This is probably not the best argument against an elected mayor, but at least with 30-odd people running the town, we have a good chance of running into them now and again.

Anonymous said...

Some, or all, of these seven people will have a real chance to influence decision-making in the town

None, because if John Williams gets back in as leader, the staus quo maintains. The town will be run by the present cabal and the rest of the councillors do as they are told or they get ostracised.

ian holme said...

Hi Nick, not heard of either of the Hurworth candidates, perhaps you would like to enlighten us with a little bit of info about them?

Also, see a young Mr Copeland standing in Hummersknott, any relation to YOUR governor of the year by any chance?

Ian White townliar.com said...

Mike...GOD Mess, yes he has a lot to answer for, but we can leave that till the afterlife, onto Hurworth, to back up Ian H's comments are we likely this time to actually meet these people or is it going to be another Amanda McEwan? We have had canvasing going on out here for the last week none of it Labour to my knowledge!

Darlington Councillor said...

Hi both Ians!

I think I concur with Paul Leake on your site who gave the rationale for paper candidates, who can at least residents a choice even if if there is no formal campaigning in a particular seat. I wish we could campaign hard in Hurworth (as I did in 1999 with Clive Bullock and the Labour team then) but realistically, priorities dictate otherwise.

And yes, Richard is Veronica's son. He's actually very excited about standing, albeit in another "very difficult" ward and I'm sure we'll hear more about him in the future.

Ian white, townliar.com said...

Nick you know my position as ex Labour, They would get more votes out here with a new leader its a shame no one else in your party can see that.
The Shool hasnt helped, but reading your candidate list you clearly have people from the village standing for you, else where and thats a shame, as I know some of these people and they could of been good for the village theres just that small school matter thats spoilt things.