Thursday, April 12, 2007

Down the plughole

News reaches me that the number of Tory candidates for May in Darlington has dropped by one more, with the withdrawal of one of their hopefuls in Lascelles. That means they're down to 39 now - an all-time low. Labour has been giftd 3 free seats as a result. The Tories struggled to find candidates amongst their ageing membership in the first place, and when Labour are contesting all 53 seats, it's a sign that the Conservatives can't claim to be serious about winning outright power in 3 weeks time.

I understand another Tory candidate is struggling with an undischarged bankruptcy. Certainly in years gone by, this would have disqualified them from standing, although the rules may be different now.

Whether the LibDems, with just 26 candidates, can claim to be the new challengers to Labour is however another matter...


Anonymous said...

You may have 53 candidate standing for labour but I question how good any of them would be as councillors. Do the conservatives just have to win 27 to take control? Nick this is about quality, not quantity. This is about people taking charge of Darlington.

Hasn't one of your candidates just been reported to the Police regarding something he did last week? I believe John Williams knows all about it.

Naughty, naughty is this really the sort of person capable of being a councillor.

First I have heard re bankrupcy, I did not know you were comitting a crime going bankrupt.

miketually said...

Being bankrupt always used to disqualify you from being an MP. I remember the Friday Night Armistice trying to force an election when the Conservatives only had a majority of 1 in the Commons by sending parcels with insufficient postage to MPs who allegedly had financial problems.

I assume the rules are/were similar for councillors

Darlington Councillor said...

I think it's the past tense now, Mike. As it's not illegal to be an undischarged bankrupt and a candidate for local office, I won't name the person here, although the name is freely available on the internet.

As for the person who was allegedly reported to the Police - well, anonymous, for what? When? Some facts please, or this just sounds like a Tory smokescreen.

Yes, the Tories do need 27 seats to form a majority administration, but their pitiful show as far as the number of candidates are concerned demonstrates that across swathes of the town, the Conservatives simply aren't competitive and have frankly given up.

Certainly some of Labour's candidates candidly don't expect to get elected, but there are a substantial number of people coming through and standing in seats where we're not likely to win this time, who will make excellent councillors perhaps for other seats, in the future.

That point cuts both ways, anonymous - a substantial proportion of your party's 39 are candidates in name only. Darlington Tories simply don't have the ambition to win, never mind lead the town effectively.

Sion said...

Kate Davies from the Conservative Party shows her true colours once again as she lowers the tone and refers members of the public who favour Labour as Local Cronies, nice!

Anonymous said...

I have due respect for individuals and their personal beliefs (political, religious etc.). I would never be disrespectful because someone supported Labour. On the doorstep I have no problem with a polite no thank you or even some lively political debate. The 'cronies' I refer to are the few who do not have the common decency to treat someone with basic respect and courtesy and do so in the name of a political party (in this case Labour). I would also refer to people who make unjust personal attacks on people they don't know as 'cronies' if it was done in the name of politics!

I was taught to treat others as I expect to be treated.

I am proud to show my true colour - blue.

Kate Davies

Darlington Councillor said...

Don't be surprised Kate that the language you and your husband use alienates people like Sion. I've read the material the Tories are putting out in Pierremont, and frankly I feel the need to wash my hands after...

Your text is full of words like 'corruption', 'lapdogs', 'despicable', 'cronies' and 'cowardly'. As you will have gathered, I like a bit of political knockabout as much as the next sad hack, but your language is aggressive, polarising, needlessly insulting, and more likely than not to turn people away from politics rather than engage with them.

Whilst disagreeing with much of their platform, I have always respected Conservatives in the town who don't give an inch in debate whilst keeping their language constructive and indeed courteous. They are no less blue than you. I hope that in time you and David will turn away from the mindlessly negative approach you are employing at present.

Sion said...

Thank you Councillor Wallis, I couldn't have put it better myself.

Kate Davies, I don’t know who taught you that phrase but you’ve acquired the misfortune of a miscomprehension, the term is not “I was taught to treat others as I expect to be treated” it is; Treat others how you want to be treated or Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you.

You can not treat others as you ‘expect’ to be treated; as how you may expect to be treated may not be how you are treated. Clearly, if you’re not nice, then don’t expect others to be nice to you. It’s common courtesy.

Every person shares certain inherent human rights, simply because of their membership in the human race. People are individually very different; they come in two main genders; different sizes, colours, and shapes; many races; three sexual orientations; and different degrees of ability. They follow many religious and economic systems, speak many languages, and follow many different cultures. But all humans are equal in importance.