Saturday, April 21, 2007


Spent a pleasant afternoon in Pierremont with one of the canvassing teams. I've been helping out occasionally in Pierremont since the heady days between 1991 and 1995 when a group of highly-committed Labour workers prized loose the Tories' grip on the ward. The effort was led by Barry Swift, the late husband of Cllr. Marian Swift, and he always injected his off-beat humour to the canvassing effort which made it a pleasure to do the hard work.

Barry stressed the team element when canvassing, and none of his zeal has been lost. It was overall a great afternoon.


ian holme said...

Can Hurworth look forward to a visit from the great leader......

Ian White, said...

Ah my old English teacher Dot Long, if only she knew all those years ago the Liar would appear, maybe she would of sent me out of class more often! (if that was at all possible)Hi Dot.

Ian white, said...

Ian H,
If he said he was comming would you believe him?
I remember Hurworth "WILL NOT CLOSE" as Im sure you do! However we do "have to move with the times".

ian holme said...

looking at JW, if he approached you in the street, would you believe him if he said he was leader of the council???
Must be taking lessons from Bill Dixon!!

Anonymous said...

They knocked at my house on Saturday. Asked me if I had made my mind up who I would vote for, said I was undecided. Got given a card and that was it. They didn't even try and persuade me to vote Labour, or ask if there was anything I wanted to know. I suppose at least they came round, but why bother if all Im going to get is a card and a hope that helps you to decide.
Two lost votes here I'm afraid.
You shouldn't have even bothered!!!

Darlington Councillor said...

I'm sorry about that, anonymous. Canvassing isn't a science, its an art, and so sometimes canvassers don't get it just right. We try and read the body language of an individual to see whether they want to chat, or simply to tell us how they feel about the various political parties.

Knowing when to try and persuade residents to vote for you is a fraught business for the same reason. When someone says they are undecided, it could be that they are genuinely unclear how thyey are going to vote, and I would normally ask a few more questions to see what issues are of concern. Plenty of other people say undecided however because they don't like to say that in fact they're going to vote for another political party, or not at all.

Captain Democracy said...

With the exception of Dot Long, What a nauseating bunch.

Anonymous said...

No, Nick I am geuinely undecided.
I didn't get the chance to ask anything. A simple "Is there anything you would like to ask", would have sufficed.
From the picture at the start of this comment board, it appears to me that it was a councillor who knocked on my door. If she represents my ward I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Be the first reader to comment on this story

11:00 - 24 April 2007

I was interested to hear Gordon Brown's remarks about preserving the United Kingdom. However, I think that he is missing the truth. The biggest threat to the continuation of the United Kingdom is posed by Mr Brown and the Labour Party.If Mr Brown wants everyone to be British, then he must treat all its citizens equally. If the British National Party campaigned to discriminate against black people or Moslems Mr Brown would denounce them as racists, and his lackeys within the Labour Party and the liberal media would applaud him.

However, when Mr Brown campaigns to discriminate against English people his lackeys within the Labour Party and the liberal media support him. Why?

For those of you who believe the propaganda of the Labour Party and the liberal media here is the uncomfortable truth. The racist Labour Government, with the full support of Gordon Brown, gave the Scots their own independent parliament, but denied one to the English.

Not only do the Scots have their own parliament but also MPs from Scotland can come to the UK Parliament and vote on purely English issues. The Scots have their own minister in cabinet; the English are denied one.

Under the racist Barnett Formula, English people pay more tax then their Scottish counterparts. Yet Scots have more of the taxpayers' money spent on them than an English person does.

Students in Scotland do not pay tuition fees. English students do. The elderly in Scotland have free long-term care; in England pensioners have to sell their homes to pay for it. In Scotland cancer sufferers get expensive life-saving drugs; English patients have to die.

In Scotland they have democracy, the Labour Party treats England as one giant rotten borough.

At the last election in England, held on May 5 2005, known to the English as "the day democracy died in England", the main opposition party polled 60,000 more votes than the Labour Party, yet the Labour Party got 93 more seats in Parliament. Explain that one, Gordon.

Gordon Brown wants a United Kingdom where everyone is equal - but his race, the Scots, are more equal than others are.

If Gordon Brown wants to preserve the Union he must do three things:

First, repeal the entire racist anti-English legislation that his party has put on the statute books.

Second, promise not to treat the English as second-class citizens, as the Labour Party does now.

Third, to make England a democracy again, so that no matter which party gets most votes, that party gets most seats in Parliament.

If Mr Brown does not do these three things the Union will crumble - and it will be the fault of Gordon Brown and his racist anti-English legislation.

P Watt


would you like to comment on that letter to the press? I have plenty more.

Captain Democracy said...

Can you seriously imagine any of this bunch on a picket line such as Wapping or Orgreave? No me neither. The Labour Party we all knew RIP, now meet the New Labour/Tory mish mash party.

To be fair though my old teacher Dot used to spend plenty of time away from school whilst at US nuclear bases, Councillors Dixon, Buttle and Hezseltine I could imagine getting stuck in at a protest too, but I think that many of the New Labour Party are just there for the dosh and the back handers.
Taking offence on behalf of the lumpen prolitariat and pretending to care is just a tactic and a means to an end.

Captain Democracy said...

ian holme said...
looking at JW, if he approached you in the street, would you believe him if he said he was leader of the council???
Must be taking lessons from Bill Dixon!!

My god Ian I can see what you mean, Ha Ha.
He looks like an embarrasing Uncle getting it disastrously wrong trying to look hip with the kids with this casual style abortion.

Still this is the bloke who thought that the Pedestrian Heart would look good, so don't expect any great shakes in the dressing up department.

What have we got going on? Old mans Head, Jeans clashing with dress jacket which sports that gaudy New Labour sticker accompanied by crew neck T-shirt and V neck wooly. Thank goodness we cannot see what he has got on his feet. (oversize clown shoes?)

Still at least Weedy Harker has adopted the Old Labour panache for anything dazzelingly Soviet red by donning a nice crimson sweatshirt which unfortunately only fits where it touches.

Anonymous said...

Dear Trinny (and Susannah),
at least 'Weedy Harker' can spell. Try swallowing a dictionary before you post next time-you've obviously got a big enough mouth for one.
John Wilkes

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