Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ward and Street Surgeries

Most of Saturday has been given over to our monthly ASDA surgery, followed by a street surgery on the Kingsway and Locomotive Street, and the emailing of the subsequent complaints and requests.

An hour-and-a-half at ASDA allowed the Labour Councillors from the three Haughton wards to spend time chatting with residents about a variety of matters from road repairs to taxis in the town centre. We were joined byPC Jonathan Stoker, one of Haughton's beat officers and our new PCSO Eileen. Amongst other problems, ASB in Atholl Close was raised with them.

Afterwards, a couple of hours schlepping round Springfield on the street surgery. Long-term problems on the estate have mostly been addressed, such as road resurfacing and the erection of a decent fence around St Bede's playing field, which was attracting ASB on some evenings. Today, residents raised with me flooding problems behind some garages, street cleansing, cracked pavements and overgrown council borders, and I've emailed the relevant Town Hall officers.

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