Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wacky Geordie Fibs at it again!

LibDem-controlled Newcastle City Council have come up with a cunning wheeze to beat graffiti - teach kids how to use a tin of spray paint! They're forking out thousands of pounds to give Tyneside teenagers lessons in "graffiti art skills".

The sessions are run by a group which helped organise a controversial art exhibition featuring notorious graffiti vandal Inch. Council leaders say the aim is to dissuade young people from becoming graffiti vandals, but there was a warning that they could instead be making the problem worse.

Labour's Deputy Leader on the Council Nick Forbes said, "My fear is that the Lib Dems are simply funding the training of the next generation of graffiti vandals."

The serious message for Darlington residents is - no matter how hard the LibDems try to convince that they're suddenly serious about tackling anti-social behaviour, when given the chance, their initiatives show that their instincts are on the side of the the vandal and not local people.


miketually said...

"their instincts are on the side of the the vandal and not local people"

It could also be pointed out that the "vandals" probably are local people.

They could have organised watercolour lessons, I suppose, but I doubt many would have gone to those. These sessions sound like a good idea to me, just as building a decent skate park is the best way to prevent skateboarders from damaging private property.

Ian White said...

What about your cunning wheeze ... free heroin for adicts in Corporation Road?
A practice I feel to be totally wrong, yet you critisise painters in Newcastle! Unless they are sniffing the harmful fumes off the aerosols!

Darlington Councillor said...

Hi Ian and Mike.

The general point I was trying to make was that despite their recent panicky attenpts to sound tough on law and order and anti-social behaviour, when actually in office, the LibDems' instincts are firmly not in the mainstream.

They are after all the Party that wants to legalise children as young as 16 to be able to take part in hard core porn; they opposed a lot of Labour's anti-social behaviour legislation (including the making of Dispersal Orders, relevant to residents in Haughton West); they also favour giving the likes of Rose West the vote in prison.

No wonder that thy're teaching kids in Newcastle how to hold a can of spray paint correctly!

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes:

The reason for the opposition on dispersal orders is it moves the problem on.

The majority of the kids on the streets are not doing anything wrong. They are on the streets and in the parks because because everything is closed to them. They need something to occupy their time, somewhere to go, something to do to prevent them getting into drugs and alcohol. The minority who do cause mayhem need sorting out and that is the police's responsibility - law and order. If Durham Police are in such a mess as the papers say they are and cannot do the job then perhaps we as taxpayers should think about joining Cleveland whose Chief Constable is a mightily impressive guy.

I found your reference about wanting to legalising children under 16 to be able to take part in hard porn to be offensive. As far as that lady is cocerned, no prisoner has or will ever have the right to vote whilst they are serving a custodial sentence.

Darlington Councillor said...

Alan - I don't mean to cause offence, but it is LibDem party policy is it not that the legal age at which people can view and take part in hard-core pornography should be lowered from 18 to 16 years of age. I think this was agreed at the LibDem Conference in 2004. If I've got this wrong, I'll be happy to print a correction.

I was a bit puzzled by your comment that prisoners will never have the right to vote whilst they are incarcerated.

I quote "The party has a longstanding commitment to lifting the ban on prisoners voting, with leader Charles Kennedy insisting earlier this year [2005]that a "citizen is a citizen", regardless of whether or not they are incarcerated."

Are you sure you're in the right party...?

mike barker said...

Votes for Prisoners:

The Uk is almost alone in denying prisoners the right to vote. A recent European Court ruling means we will have to review the system anyway.
Lib Dem policy is to allow prisoners the right to vote as part of the preparation for resuming a normal life in the community, as part of their rehabilitation programme.
Sir Menzies Campbell has made it clear that this right would not apply to the most serious offenders: such as Rose West.

Mike Barker said...

Porn and the 16 year old.

16 to 18 year olds live in a twilight world between childhood and adulthood, where adult rights are introduced in a hotch potch fashion at different points. Lib Dem policy is to tidy up this area of legislation.
We believe that the law should treat 16 year oolds as adults and allow them to make choices for themselves. If it is legal to have sex at 16, then it makes little sense to ban people of that age from watching porn. There would, of course, be firm regulation and protection for all those working in the sex industry.

Darlington Councillor said...

That's a refreshingly honest answer, Mike. Perhaps you might like to tell Alan, as he seems unaware of these areas of LibDem policy :)

I look forward to seeing the leaflets at election time from the LibDems explaining where you stand on both issues, because frankly, particularly on the issue of 16 year olds legally being able to access and take part in pornography, your party is a million miles away from the instincts of most people.

mike barker said...

"A million miles away from the instincts of most people"...Unlike your Party's policy on ID cards and Iraq, which are obviously extremely popular!

Alan is entitled to have views which differ from Lib Dem policy: just like you're allowed to disagree with your party's policy on directly elected mayors.

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Shot down in flames. Apologies all round.

Inamicus said...

For the record, the graffiti co-ordinator scheme was introduced by the previous Labour administration.....

Anonymous said...

...but if the lib dems had their way, they jump into a bluey after they've had a good spray, whilst getting some cocaine over the counter! (jenny tonge lib dem conf 2004)