Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Suddenly I see

Clarification today on the number of invalid entries on the Mayoral Referendum petition.

4736 signatures were submitted, but only 3808 were valid. The threshold of 3887 was not then reached, and the petition was 79 names short. The confusion seems to have arisen as some names were invalid for more than one reason. The report to the special Council next week has been re-issued.

There's been some fairly excitable speculation both here and on the Liar about the likely outcome of next week's vote. I intend to blog at the weekend on how I intend to vote and why.


Ian White said...

I would if a betting man put my money on you will vote NO, unless Labour have decided you are the man for the job!
Lets face it the £100K a year would be a nice bonus to any family income!
As for JW doing this from the goodness of his heart I think most of us know what is behind this change of heart, just another PR exercise for his ever dwindling popularity!

Ian White, said...

Sorry Nick, I forgot will we be able to see who voted which way? I think it could influence the voting public election time and all that, or as usual will I need to run the gauntlet of your FOI department to not find out something in the public domain?

Mike Barker said...

Which weekend? Gestation period of a what?

Anonymous said...

The votes tonight Nicholas Thorne Wallis, how do you intend to vote, its well past the weekend now.
Perhaps your text telling you how to vote hasnt arrived yet!