Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On the bike 2

These pictures show (1) progress on the "hole-in-the-wall" scheme that will allow cyclists crossing the ring road at Russell Street to access the town centre via the back of M&S and East Street. Finally, (2) and (3) pictures of the completed cycleway (minus the lining and signing) which takes cyclists off-road the length of Yarm Road between the McMullen Road roundabout and the A66, and then over to the layby at Morton Palms and (4) the completed cycleway on the McMullen Road/Haughton Road junction.

I would hope that perhaps next year, we could put a dedicated crossing in here, so cyclists will be able to go straight over to the Skerne Valley path.


miketually said...

I thought that was what was being done behind M&S when I walked past there a week or so ago. Is East Street one way? Will there be a contraflow cycle lane?

We just need the "Magnet problem" solving and I (and anyone living in Springfield/Haughton) could get all the way into town without touching a major road. Brilliant!

Darlington Councillor said...

Good question - I'll get back to you on the contraflow issue.

It's fair to say that I have beaten my head to a bloody pulp over the last 18 months trying to find a way forward on the Magnet issue. We've had Cycling England support, and the good news is that the owners of the site have finally replied to us, so maybe the Compulsory Purchase Order won't be necessary. I really wanted this sorted before May, and hopefully a re-elected Labour Council will finish the job.

Darlington Councillor said...

Well I was about 10% right on the "hole-in-the-wall scheme!

In fact the cyclists will be using the pavement area whilst the pedestrians will be going down the slope. For the time being the intention is that cyclists will access the town centre via the Priestgate bridge, and not East Street, although we are looking at whether a contraflow would work here.

Nothing better than a Cabinet Member on top of his brief...

miketually said...
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miketually said...

A contraflow on East Street might be hard to get working properly - accessing the roundabout at the top might be awkward. Plus, on Northgate there's only buses, taxis and bikes using the road. On east Street there could be anyone.

A shared path would have been cheaper and easier :)