Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On the bike 1

I spent Sunday morning travelling round the town to take a view on progress at our various cycling schemes.
This first set of pictures show (1) Haughton Road, where a cycle and bus lane are being installed. With the completion of the new cycle/pedestrian bridge in the summer, cyclists will be able to travel from the College safely to the town centre, using Borough Road and Brunswick Street.
(2) and (3) are of the work on the ring-road towards Victoria Road. This key cycle route will eventually connect the town centre and South Park.


Ian White said...

Its quite clear to me the Council is wasting too much money on cycle paths when there are much more important issues in Darlington at present.

Darlington Councillor said...

I can't agree, Ian - promoting cycling is one key approach the Council is using to tackle congestion. All our research indicates that cycling has the potential to replace a proportion of car trips around the town, but first the infrastructure has to be in place for wannabe cyclists to feel that they're safe.

Do you believe that York City Council wasted its money when it promoted cycling back in the 1990's (under Labour by the way)? Now they have an enviable proportion of people who cycle around the city. I believe that Darlington can match and maybe even exceed York's achievements, but it will take sustained investment over many years. We're just starting out on that journey.

With record investment in other forms of transport, such as measures to promote bus use and schemes to assist all road users including cars (ETC and the Bondgate junction work are examples) the Council's approach can hardly be described as "one eyed".Our steps to boost cycling are part of a balanced approach, supported by the Government's Cycling Demonstration Town grant. said...

I honestly think people will not give up the use of their cars, they are to convienient in all weathers and at all times, fine if Mike and Co wish to cycle but the car is here to stay.

miketually said...

Most of the cars I passed on North Road this morning were staying. Staying in the same place!

Thankyou, I'm here all night.

An Inconvenient Truth said...

I can't agree Townliar. However honest your feelings about people not giving up cars, people can and do change, given sufficient incentives. If McDonalds & co can pursuade people to eat crap food, surely a few intelligent people can persuade more of us to use the car a bit less?

By the way, I wasn't a regular cyclist five years ago. I've as good as given up the car now. And in Darlo, even without the cycle routes we badly need, it's a whole lot MORE convenient.

miketually said...

It's only three years or so since I started cycling to work every day. Before that I'd assumed that any time I saved riding to work would be lost getting changed and locking the bike up at the other end.

I've discovered that (shock!) I can ride a bike in my normal work clothes, so I don't need to get changed when I arrive at work. A few changes to my bike (like getting rid of quick releases for the wheels) means that I can securely lock it up quickly and easily.