Sunday, March 25, 2007

Newsflash - the Politics Show

John Buxton, Director of Development and Environment, will be on BBC1's the Politics Show today answering questions about Darlington's approach to promoting sustainable transport.

It should have been the lead member with responsibility for highways, of course, but the producers wouldn't have me on again so soon after my 'elected mayor' appearence.....


miketually said...

That was good timing. I saw this and then put the TV on, just as the peice started.

I thought the "I'm an acountant, so I can't possibly ride a bike to meetings" comments were quite telling of the attitudes of many motorists. How many of his meetings are within walking distance, I wonder? How many could he cycle to very easily? Is it really about making the right choice, or about showing he is successful by arriving in a flash car?

Did I see some pavement cycling on the way to school?

Anonymous said...

The same John Buxton who sold Hurworth Comp out despite living in the village?