Saturday, March 03, 2007


Full Council last night, where easily the most impassioned question asked of me was by Tory Middleton St George Councillor Doris Jones regarding the traffic calming work the Council has undertaken around the re-built St Georges CE Primary School.

Doris read out email after email from a series of residents unhappy with the scheme. She asked me if I would have a site visit to look at the situation for myself?

I told her that firstly I would request a full breakdown of what consultation had been conducted regarding the proposals, and the responses the Council had received. I would expect that the school, the Parish Council, local residents in the immediate area and the local Councillors would have been consulted, and I want to know if that was followed through. I was happy to give Doris a commitment that I will meet her and a representative from the school once that information is to hand, hopefully in no more than 10 days time.

As it happens, I had been speaking with parents on Tuesday who send their children to the school - they told me that the traffic calming work, whilst effective, has led to a knock-on problem outside the local shop, where parents and children are now having difficulty crossing.

I intend to report to Councillors fully at the next Council meeting.


Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm. Not sure what you're referring to N&S (and this kind of post would be better if you would add your name).

As a rule, when Councillors go to Conferences away from Darlington (as we do very occasionally)we should travel back on the same day. Very rarely, when I've had a conference in London which starts early, I've booked myself into the very plush County Hotel in Upper Woburn Street, which costs the Council a princely £40 (you can guess from that the standard of accommodation I'm prepared to slum for the benefit of the Council Tax payers of the Borough!)

The exception would be conferences/training courses which run over two or three days, when clearly an overnight stay would be justified - if that's the case here, the cost of travel to and from York would outweigh the accommodation costs, I would imagine.

Anyway, the comment is a rather low jibe (even if against the Tories) and not relevant to the issue of traffic calming. Whether Doris' complaints in Council about the traffic calming are justified is another matter completely....

ian holme said...

re traffic calming in MSG.

Must admit i do think there is a problem with the layout, the humps in particular appear to be strangly placed.

I certainly do not wish to critise dbc (for once!) because it is vital that such works are undertaken, especially outside schools, but just as important that they are succesful in their outcome.

Good to hear that you will be visiting the site with Doris, and hopefully able to agree on a suitable way forward.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for the clarification, Ian. I guess people will have to make their own minds about this (unless Doris or Brian want to add anything?...)