Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A long muddy walk

Springfield Park is a great resource for local people. Inexplicably, when the play area was built at the top of the field, a path was laid only to the Beauly Drive entrance to the open space. Parents with children going to and from Sparrow Hall Drive have to splash through the mud in wet weather.

We've been niggling away at this for years, and got some really good news today when we learned that the Council are proposing to lay a path to Green Lane from the play area. The play equipment will also be refurbished - now that the CCTV camera is up-and-running, there has much less vandalism here, and now is a good time for the swings and slides to get a makeover.

Officers are also suggesting that the play equipment nearby to the north of Sparrow Hall Drive be removed. In truth, the slide and swings here aren't well-used, and are a constant source of irritation to local residents, frequented as they have been by young people and adults drinking on a night-time. When I've taken AJ there on a Saturday morning, I've had to pick up broken glass first. With the refurbished play equipment in Springfield Park, no-one loses out.

These are just plans at the moment, and there will be consultation with local people in June 2007. If all goes well, the changes should be made by the end of the year.

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miketually said...

Getting there from our house involves crossing both Thompson Street East and Salters Lane North then either trudging across the field; cutting through Largo Gardens/Beauly Drive; or going up Green Lane towards the golf club. Chuck in a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old on bikes and it gets interesting.

Our eldest is just starting to read, so a repaint over the most offensive graffitti now that it's CCTV-covered would be a relief. I don't think we've been since the CCTV camera went up, so it might have been done anyway.