Thursday, March 29, 2007

The boy Dave

My friend Malcolm Redfellow (whose site gave me the Bullingdon Club pics of David Cameron) has emailed me these two candid snaps of the boy Dave. Sadly they're not of one the restaurants he and his chums trashed. Malcolm describes them as "Dave doing a Beckham in a skirt and Dave down in the dumps after being slaughtered in Stafford (1997).

I know - it's a bit childish - but they did brighten up my morning.


Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes.....

Can I recoommend the Mail on Sunday to you Nick and the articles by Peter Hitchens. Last Sunday's edition was particularly relevant to your posting.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Credit where it's due!

The two piccies here came from that very Wail on Sunday site that Alan Macnab mentions (and I acknowledged in my original post). The Bullingdon one came from the Telegraph, which again I acknowledged. Not that I read such fascist rags, you understand, but, as my cousin Ralph would have said, and frequently did, "Tha's got to know what t'enemy's thinking."

The one I am still seeking is the photo opportunity of Diddy Dave and shotgun party in the County Antrim. There's a poor quality version, with not particularly-funny speech bubbles, on page 19 of the current Private Eye. If anyone has a better scan, please send it to mredfellow "at" Then we'll make sure the complete set get as much distribution as we can manage.

Meanwhile, all the paranoia that's printed to fit at

The struggle continues.