Thursday, March 08, 2007


For a couple of hours this evening David, Andy and myself "blitzed" Springfield together with our local MP Alan Milburn.

Knocking on every door in Gilsland Crescent, Warkworth Way, Furness Street, Otterburn Close, Ajax Street and most of Hercules Street, we picked up several issues which we'll be taking up with the Council (or in Alan's case, with various Government departments).

We got a good reception from local residents, and distributed a lot of our survey cards which have gone down very well in the ward.


mike barker said...

Survey cards? SURVEY CARDS??? The next thing you know you'll be crouching down peering at cracked paving stones or pointing at an overhanging hedge. Probably doing it "all year round" too.

Darlington Councillor said...

Calm down Mike. I guess it's good that Darlington LibDems have learned a few tricks from Labour's approach to listening to local people.

Anonymous said...


It's good to see you are going where your core support is, but when are you coming to Whinfield Park?

No one came round and listened to us at the last General Election, except for stuffing literature through doors. We count as well you know.


Darlington Councillor said...

Funny you should say that, Alan - I think we'll be around shortly. I'll have to check our records but I'd be surprised if we didn't canvass there at all.

By the way, our vote in Whinfield Park has been excellent. The response to New Labour on the estate has been amongst the strongest of anywhere in the ward.

miketually said...

Do you know about voting down to that sort of level? What's the response on my estate (the Cairngorm Drive estate)? said...

Mike do you think this is Alan,s best "cowie" face? Have you got a spare bike for him?

Darlington Councillor said...

Mike - all the parties have sophisticated software which allows them to record and target key groups of voters. Our recording, based on answers given to us by residents, goes back years, although clearly the more recent the contact, the more accurate it is likely to be.

In Haughton West this puts us at a slight advantage - the Tories have only conducted fairly limited canvassing in the past, and I haven't seen "Mr Jenkinson" wandering round with a clipboard yet. As far as I know the LibDems have never canvassed in the ward. Increasingly now the three parties are using the telephone to speak with potential voters.

I don't have the stats here for the Cairngorm estate (and if I did you understand I wouldn't put them on line). Generally we get good results here.

Ian - I think that's Alan in "mean street fighter" mode rather than his "cowie" face...

Anonymous said...

What's a "cowie" face? I have never heard that one before. "Mean street fighter" - me - no. Tenacious - yes.

All I asked was when are you coming round our estate. We were ignored at the last General Election. No one came round and I think we only had one canvasser at the last local elections - the Tories.

Alan said...

"cowie" face go to the liar and follow a link in one of the cycling threads it leads to a video you will see what a "cowie" face is! said...

Heres the you tube link to magical bike ride.(cowie face) and tell me Milburn hasnt been practicing!

Darlington Councillor said...

Alan - we definitely canvassed on the estate, hence my recollection that the support for Labour, and New Labour in particular, was stronger here than elsewhere. Alan Milburn came up too on another occasion.

As you'll be spending quality time in Harrowgate Hill, I guess we may miss each other again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick.

Your not wrong about me spending time in Harrowgate Hill.

The last two weeks have been hectic to say the least.

I am currently acting Chair of Governors of the Primary School due to the illness of the Chair. We had an Ofsted inspection over a week ago which required me to be interviewed by the Ofsted inspector and then attend for the feedback the following day. The report is embargoed at the moment but we are pleased with it.

We are also in the middle of recruting a new Headteacher. We went through the shortlisting and interview processes - setting questions last week and getting the agreement of governors to the questions. Next week I will be receiving the applications for the Headteacher's post. In two weeks time there is the shortlisting meeting followed by the full Governing Body Meeting for budget setting. The following week will be the interviews for the Headteacher's post - a full day.

That's on top of attending a residents' association meeting in Harrowgate Hill, organising the Old Petrol station proposal public meeting, drafting Focus No 6, drawing up the results of two street surveys which we have carried out in Harrowgate HIll, going to work and watching my youngest son's football team win yet again - unbeaten since the 16th December, second in their league and in the final of the Challenge Cup in May.

We probably will miss one another.

Best wishes.


Darlington Councillor said...

Well, if I wish you good luck with some of that, you know what I mean!