Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ward Matters

An update on a couple of issues which I've posted on recently;

(1) Rockwell Pastures Footpaths. On 6 December, I reported that there were some problems around the River Restoration Project. The grafitti was cleaned up quickly, but the work on the footpaths was going to take longer - there was a flooding problem in places on the southern side of the Skerne where there is a concrete path. There are also longer term problems on the northern side of the river, where aggregate was used, which can get very boggy in the winter months.

I now understand that not only will the ponding problem be fully reviewed, but a scheme is being drawn up to provide a permanent surface north of the river. The path is very popular here, both with people walking the dog and also potentially cyclists, so a decent surface I'm sure will be well-received. Nothing's confirmed yet, so I'll post again when I hear more.

(2) Motorbikes riding illegally on public open space. I've been contacted by our beat bobby Sally Suleiman, who has logged the problem with the Police motorbike unit in Durham, although it's not clear when they're next In Darlington. In the meantime, an officer in Cockerton who has access to an off-road bike, will be giving the area attention. As Sally points out, the new CCTV camera in Springfield Park should help deter idiots riding here in future.

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