Friday, February 09, 2007

Fresh blow to Mayor campaign

My hapless friends at the Darlington Referendum campaign suffered a further embarassing setback when their website crashed today, apparently permanently.

After spending a year - yes a whole year - trying to cobble together just 4000 names on their petition, they seem to have lost the only consistent vehicle for their propoganda.

I'm guessing here, but I think this is what's happened;

(1) the domain name expired yesterday. It had been registered by Tory Harrowgate Hill hopeful Mike Cartwright.

(2) This wasn't a problem in itself, but unfortunately the main server for the site had suffered a catastrophic failure a week or so ago. The entire site therefore was lost.

(3) The site was re-registered early on Thursday morning, but without back-up, all that visitors to the site get is a nice picture of a poppy field and adverts for real estate in Arlington, USA.

The Referendum Campaign cabal have spent 2006 lecturing the Council, via their website, that "Darlington isn't getting the organisation or the leadership it deserves". This would be stinging criticism if it didn't come from a tin-pot group who couldn't, ahem, provide the retail support for a whelk stall.

Of course if I've got this wrong, I'd be happy for someone from the campaign to provide a correction.


Anonymous said...

What does it matter? The Directly Elected Mayor group have surpassed the number of signatures needed to ensure DBC call for a referendum. We have been for some time, just 'topping up' to cover any anomalies and to make sure that DBC don't 'accidentally lose' any of the petition sheets!!!!

Must remember to hand over tomorrow, the extra 70 signatures just received from our friends at SHARE.

Have a nice weekend Nick.

Anonymous said...

I would think their critisism of the Council is quite fair Nick.....after all...they're not pulling your wage every week...which incidently paid in them

Darlington Councillor said...

So that's confirmation then.

I'm not sure, anonymous 2# how their criticism of the Council in any way supports the idea of an elected Mayor. As I understand it, the Referendum group claim that the Council hasn't listened and has acted dictatorially (an unfair charge by the way, as the Tesco consultation indicates). They then suggest a remedy which would concentrate power in the Town Hall in the hands of one person, making things far less and not more democratic.

In truth, as some of their less discreet supporters have indicated, the Referendum campaign doesn't care a jot about the best form of governance for the Borough - it simply wants to get Labour out, and thinks that this is the only way to do it.

Darlington Councillor said...

The Referendum website, with its picture of Hartlepool's monkey-mayor giveing a cheesy grin, seems to be back up and running this morning. Personally, I preferred the poppies.

mark burton said...

lol, just worked out what the image of the snail is all about... nice one. Mark