Friday, February 02, 2007

May's Election Result...

...well, according to Indigo Public Affairs, who issue their predictions before each set of elections. They have a good track record - last year they got nearly 70% of the majorities right, compared with 62% achieved by the respected Tony Travers.

Indigo predict that Darlington will be a "Labour Hold". Nice to hear, but on balance I think we'll continue with our campaigning across the town. In other local contests, Durham City is predicted to go to "No Overall Control" (from the LibDems, although they think Labour will lose Middlesbrough to NOC). Otherwise no change in North Eastern Councils. Across the country they think the Tories will win 13 and lose 3, which would hardly be the progress David Cameron must be hoping for. Labour will gain 3 and lose 7, whilst the LibDems should gain 8 and lose 1.

"Just a bit of fun" as Peter Snow used to say, but predictions from an outfit with a track record of accuracy.


Mike Barker said...

Nick, you mean Indigo Public Affairs, not Indigo Public Relations (who appear to specialise in the luxury holiday industry!)

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Mike - I blogged in haste!