Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doing the rounds

Walking round the Nightingale Avenue area over the last couple of days delivering letters about the Dispersal Order extension and the forthcoming CCTV installation allowed me to spot some other problems that need sorting too (pictured above). I've emailed the pictures to the Town Hall for a quick assessment. The churned verge is on the last bend at the southern end of Rockwell Avenue, and there is another equally bad example in Salters Close. I know I've reported these several times before, and hope to get a positive result this time.

It was also good to chat to residents about other matters too, including housing issues and difficulties with some pupils from the Education Village climbing over fences at lunchtime. We've already had a very helpful response from the school management who are taking the problem very seriously.


miketually said...

The verges on Morpeth Avenue and Hutton Avenue are disgusting at the moment. The mud goes over the path and makes walking down there a very dirty experience, especially with a 3-year-old and 15-month-old.

I wish people would realise that there's room for one car to get past if you park your car with all four wheels on the road and if you park with two wheels on the path, there's still only room for one car to get past but you're messing up the verge or making it harder for pedestrians to pass.

miketually said...

I think the Morpeth Avenue verges might be getting work done on them, judging my the barriers that I noticed this morning. I hope this isn't going to be another 'tarmac the verge' method of fixing the problem, as the verge provides a useful mental barrier for keeping kids away from the traffic.

Darlington Councillor said...

Some of the verges are disgusting - generally because some residents choose to drive over them to get into their driveways without installing dropped kerbs, or thoughtless parking.

From what I can tell, the work here is by utilities rather than the Council. I have reported the worst verges in the streets before, and am awaiting action. Unfortunately, Mike, leaving them isn't an option.

miketually said...

Hutton Avenue without the grass verges will be a less pleasant and more dangerous place to live and walk, all because a few thoughless, selfish individuals insist on parking with two wheels on the verge to give cars a slightly wider roadway.

Is it not illegal to park with two wheels on the verge/kerb? We often have to walk on the road with our kids to get past parked cars, and I know DAD want more done to prevent this.