Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tory Neanderthals

So Darlington Tories' line that they ditched their council Group Leader as part of a "fresh direction" lasted all of 12 hours.

The truth is in this morning's Northern Echo - Cllr. Richmond was forced out because his wife Sue is standing for Labour in the local elections.

Tony and Sue got married last February, but as they told the press just before Christmas, they were well aware of each other's political affiliations when they began their relationship, and had dealt with it. Politics was the one thing they couldn't agree on and didn't talk about.

Local Tories were intolerant of the situation, however, and Cllr. Richmond's fate was sealed. I find it genuinely astonishing that in the 21st century, the Conservatives are still stuck in the morality of the 19th, unable to handle the fact that a wife should be able to have different political affiliations to her husband. Tony's chief opposition in his College ward was after all the LibDems not Labour, and Sue will be fighting North Road for Labour where the incumbents are two LibDems and one Labour Councillor.

I guess there must have been some unease in senior Party circles which is why Graham Robb tried to cover up the truth with a bland press statement.

The facts are out, and now the Tories look a shabby, reactionary lot. The one person does emerge with some honour from all of this is Cllr. Peter Foster. Peter has come in for some stick elsewhere on the net, but on Friday he did himself proud, resigning from the Tory Group after the farce on Friday. His prediction that the Tories are now in for a period of civil war bodes ill for their chances in May.


Anonymous said...

Peter Foster did himself proud the day he jumped before he was pushed, if you think he is that good, get him signed for Labour.

Ian White said...

I agree with anonymous Peter has done little in Hurworth of late and hes probably jumped,He has not been picked to stand for them again thats been known for weeks and must speak volumes, he has already has gone on record (Echo) saying he was resigning weeks ago so he didnt do it because of Cllr Richmond it just made a good story for Labour.If by other places on the net you mean say it!I like you dont mind aplug now and again.

Darlington Councillor said...

I suppose we could sign up Peter, but he's not answering his calls... :)

I will of course credit Town Liar in the future, Ian (see my next post 'Busted Flush'). I'm not sure that the vast majority of comments about me on the site qualify as a plug, however!

Ian white said...

Whilst the Comments may not always be nice about you I will once again state you are the ONLY Labour Cllr to dare enter the "Lions Den" and possibly why all the anti Labour comments are aimed at you, despite that You deserve credit in my eyes for that.