Friday, January 05, 2007

Tories Rudderless!

It seems that the Tories are deeper in the mire than even I'd realised. Their website has just announced that Group Leader Tony Richmond has been forced out, although the news is dressed up with a load of guff about "fresh direction for the Party".

The fact is that their group has been badly-split for years, and councillors like Charles Johnson have been itching to depose Tony, but have lacked the majority will to do so.

I'd speculate that Cllr. Peter Foster's resignation from the Tories last night gave Charles the numbers he needed to throw Tony overboard, although the timing seems bizarre. What sane party throws itself into the turmoil of a leadership election less than 5 months before polling day? What message do the Tories think this sends to voters?

It's interesting that the website flags up Cllr. Heater Scott as the likely replacement Leader. If I were Heather, I wouldn't get too comfortable in that position - if as I expect the Tories make little if any headway in May, she can expect Cllr. Johnson step forward to pick up the pieces...

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Ian White said...

Its only a pity for Labour you weren't following suit with Cllr Williams.