Friday, January 05, 2007

Tories in crisis

After the resignation of Cllr. Bill Maybrey in the autumn, it's slipped out today that Cllr. Peter Foster has left the Tory Group too.

As trailed in my earlier blog, it would appear that Peter is going to stand as an independent in May against the Tories in Hurworth. In today's Echo he said that he feared that the Conservatives would "self-destruct" before the elections.

That takes the Tories down to 13 on the Council, after losing one of the Hurworth seats in a by-election in 2005 and the two resignations. Can things get any worse for them?

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Anonymous said...

What you seem to forget is that quality is better than quantity Cllr Wallis, can you just remind the viewers why you cleared out Eric Wilson.

And who is Mark Burton replacing in Harrogate Hill.

And who for that matter is standing in Hurworth