Thursday, January 11, 2007


After months of waiting for the legals to be resolved, the CCTV camera has finally been installed in Springfield Playing Field.

As I blogged back in September, residents both on the Moray/Muirkirk and Whinfield Park estates have been plagued for years by anti-social behaviour in the park - at times there were up to 200+ young people and adults there on a Friday or Saturday night, and the presence of alcohol made the situation a whole lot worse. The camera will I'm sure help deter large groups congregating here and causing a nuisance, as well as protect the play equipment form further vandalism.

The camera is digital, and beams high quality pictures back to the CCTV Control Room day and night (it is infra-red). Residents whose properties back onto the playing field can be reassured that camera operatives won't be peering into their bedrooms - the technology means that windows appear like mirrors on the Control Room screens, and nothing can be seen.


Anonymous said...

Great news.

Now that the park has CCTV coverage will something be done about the graffiti on the equipment? My three-year-old can't read yet, but I'd like to be able to keep taking her to the park when she can...

ian holme said...

As the police have cut the Police presence in the rural communities by 50%, can we residents expect a 50% cut in our contibution to their precept from our Council Tax?

At a time when DBC are paying directly for an officer just for Eastbourne school, allowing the cutting of the rural representation by half shows just where your priorities lie.