Friday, January 05, 2007

New faces

There was a very good picture in The Northern Echo this morning of six of our new candidates standing for Labour in May's local elections.

They're a fresh, dynamic team, and will add a great deal not only to their wards but also to the Council as a whole if they are elected next May.

Labour's New Year launch leaves the Tories and LibDems trailing. The LibDems are still scrabbling around for candidates in key seats such as Hurworth, whilst the Tories haven't even begun work yet in wards they have to win if they are to have a sniff of a chance in the spring.


Mike said...

No photo on the online version of the story :(

Daniel Taylor is 3 years younger than me. I've also noticed that police officers are looking very young recently. Should I be worried?

Mike said...

I also meant to ask whether any of the new candidates blogging? I've Googled for the only name mentioned in the article, but can't find anything.

Mark Burton said...

Mike... I'm not 'blogging' but 'webbing' if thats any use :) and, sadly, was unable to attend the photo shoot. Mark