Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Motorbike Menace

Two residents at our ward surgery on Saturday flagged up an ongoing problem with motorbikes riding on open space around the ward.

Last year a dog was killed on Springfield Playing field by one hooligan on a motorbike. It could easily have been a child. The problem has re-surfaced here, and is causing real concern to local residents.

A similar problem exists on Rockwell Pastures at the southern end of the ward.

This is firmly a Police matter, and they have a special unit on motorbikes which can apprehend these characters and potentially confiscate the bikes. I have written to the local Police and asked that resources be targetted to clamp down on the problem again.


Ian White said...

Yes Nick
I agree as a Trials rider of approx 30 years these idiots not only endanger life, cause misery and waste Police time but give the serious legal "off roader"
a bad name, There is a off road Trials club at Dalton for details phone Derek White, White Bros.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with Ian, as a small number of people riding bikes irresponsibly give the majority of cyclists a bad name also.

ian holme said...

Any chance dbc could provide some land for the legitimate use of these bikes?

No doubt lots of "nimby" problems but surely worthy of examination?

Make a change from all the usual negative stuff and may make some take a more responsible attitude to the use of their bikes.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Ian - I take your point.

I'll get back to you when I have more information.

ian holme said...

An archives topic i know, but good news in the echo at last.
Durham constabulary are seeting up a scheme where kids (and indeed adults can legally use their mini-motos....in the durham county council car park!

it also states the scheme will be set up in darlo too, so will we see nick riding a 12 inch high motorbike around the council car park next week????

seriuosly, it is good to see a positive approach to an issues for once, rather than the ususal predictable "ban it, crush it" response.