Friday, January 19, 2007

Motorbike Menace II

Interesting suggestion from Ian Holme that the Council provides an off-road facility for motorbike/scrambler riders as an alternative to riding illegally in parks and open spaces.

Apparently a facility was provided by the Firthmoor Community Association a few years ago, but this finished owing to a lack of revenue. Bill Dixon tells me that it was run by members of a Hell's Angels Chapter - consequently no-one dared create any bother there or nick equipment!

I've spoken to the relevant Director Cliff Brown - we don't provide a facility like this at the moment, but it is something that will be investigated. It might be that better promotion for the Trials Club in Dalton which Ian White mentions in his comment is the way forward, or for the Council to do something ourselves. It could serve to give law-abiding residents somewhere to ride their machines, whilst I'm afraid enforcement will always be necessary for anti-social types who flout the law and cause misery for people using our parks.

By the way - the Wardens confiscated a bike recently, and this will probably end up in the crusher...


ian holme said...

Thanks Nick,
nice that these things are at least being considered.

by the way, rather than simply crushing the bike you refer to, why not give it to the college or school who could use it as the basis of maintenence classes or some form of after school project.

Must be a "greener" solution than simply crushing it?


Mike said...

Crushing does always seem a real shame.

The main problem I can see with a dedicated area (apart from all the Nimbys who won't want it anywhere near them) is how people will get their bikes there; many of those riding their motorbikes around the parks and playing fields won't have cars and trailers to transport the bikes.

I do think it's always better to try to channel behaviour and energy towards socially acceptable activities, rather than banning it. So ideas like a dedicated off-road motorbike area and youth pubs always appeal to me.