Sunday, January 14, 2007

From Hull, Hell and Halifax...

After blogging several times about the scarily-inept LibDem Council in Hull, I set foot in the city today with my youngest AJ.

In what passes for male bonding in our household, AJ and I often get on a train at a weekend, and usually travel to York, where we spend the day peering at steam engines at the Railway Museum, and then push buttons maniacally in the excellent York Model Railway.

Today we took our journey that bit further, and went to Hull to visit The Deep, the award-winning aquarium next to the Humber. I was pleasantly surprised by Hull - it has a fine Old Quarter and a vibrant pedestrianised shopping area (although the architecture naggingly reminded me of Billingham). Hull mixes old and new confidently, with one shopping arcade stretching out on a pier into the docks being particularly eye-catching.

Even with a Force Nine gale whipping off the North Sea, The Deep is excellent value and well-worth a visit.


Anonymous said...

Yes and this has got what to do with Darlington, or is this the place you will be standing as an MP somewhere that does not know you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"a vibrant pedestrianised shopping area"

"mixes old and new confidently"

This has got what to do with Darlington? Both these quotes could be said about Darlington, couldn't they? If they can't at the moment, then surely we would want them to be?

The day-to-day experiences of our elected politicians affects their thoughts and ideas, so why should they not be included here?

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks Mike - your response was so much better than mine that I've deleted my previous rubbish comment in favour of yours!

I was trying to make a subliminal link between Hull and Darlington, so thanks for picking that up.

Anonymous said...


Ian White said...

Are these rumours of your leaving Darlington for Hull true? and what of these MP rumours could you explode these myths?

Darlington Councillor said...

Nope, I'm not leaving for Hull, Ian (my wife's from Grimsby, and she'd kill me if I even suggested it!)

Not sure about the MP rumours, as I haven't heard them...

splot said...

scarily inept libdems ? are you not aware that labour run the council for 40 years and run Hull into the floor ? and that the labour national govt had to intervene and place the council in special measures whilst under Labour control.

PS Glad you enjoyed the Deep and the city in general.

the hull view

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, splot.

I'm getting my information from Cllr. Gary Wareing's excellent site - the budget deficit does sound quite worrying, or is this a recurring problem?

I'm aware that there were *ahem* a few local difficulties in Hull in the recent past. There is however very little experience of the LibDems as a governing party here in the North East, and practical examples of their management (or otherwise) or a big city like Hull is instructive for us.

I'll certainly be coming back to Hull, maybe even with my wife this time. Good luck with your blog - I'll keep an eye on it.

Best wishes,


scott davidson said...

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