Friday, January 19, 2007

Endemol's shame

As a rule it's a good idea to avoid posting on subjects you know little or nothing about ... as this clearly doesn't apply to popular culture, however, here's my two penniworth on the latest Celebrity Big Brother news.

It's reported tonight that crowds will be kept away from greeting the evicted guest tonight (in all liklihood the loathsome Jade Goody) because the producers Endemol want to ensure she is not harmed - they apparently have a "duty of care."

Yet day after day the same production team have sat back whilst one of the guests has been subject to racist bullying at the hands of three others. Where was the duty of care for Shilpa Shetty then? As has been widely remarked, Endemol and Channel 4 abrogated their responsibility to her because the ratings are all that matters to them. Frankly I'm surprised that Endemol didn't arrange to have a lynch mob waiting - the ratings would have gone through the roof. As the late John Junor used to say at the end of his Daily Express pieces, "Pass the sickbag, Alice!"

My favourite comment on Big Brother? - Sandy Tostvig tonight on Radio 4's The News Quiz, "Not many people know that Peter Bazelgette, the producer of Big Brother, is the great-grandson of Joseph Bazelgette, who built the capital's sewers. The family must be proud that once again they're acting as a conduit for all the shit coming out of London."

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