Monday, January 08, 2007

Confidence in Darlington

Amidst the (admittedly gob-smacking) revelations about the local Tory leadership debacle in Saturday's Echo was a piece of news of greater importance to the future of the town.

The Cornmill has been sold for £84.5 million to Moorfield Real Estate Fund, who has said that it will be a long-term investor in the shopping complex.

Explaining the decision to buy the Cornmill, Marc Gilbard the Managing Director said, "The Cornmill Shopping Centre is located in a town that is undergoing major regeneration and revitalisation."

"The pedestrianisation of the high street is due to be completed shortly and the proposed extension of the nearby Queen Street shopping centre will bring considerable benefits to the town centre."

Whilst the Tories are desperate to run down the town centre, investors are expressing their confidence in its future. It's another example of underlying strength of the town centre after the recent improvements.

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