Friday, December 22, 2006

Virtute et Industrial

Off to Bristle for a couple of days to see family - back on Christmas Eve.

In the meantime Mike Barker has given a rhyming clue on the "comments" section of Pedestrian Heart Update to the Christmas Quiz - it's not been won yet, so the pies are still up for grabs. We'll sort out the winner when I get back.


Anonymous said...

I think the shop name in the background sums up DBC,s pedestrian heart fiasco.


Darlington Councillor said...

*A Pedant Writes*

My Chambers English Dictionary gives the definition of "priceless" thus;

"adj. of inestimable worth; beyond valuation; invaluable."

Nuff said.

ian white said...

nick was me clicked the wrong box sorry!

Anonymous said...

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Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for that, David - much appreciated.