Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Residents' Parking - Stanhope Road

Cabinet yesterday, where I saw through the final elements of the Stanhope Residents' Parking scheme.

This has been an unbelievably long process. For those who say that the Council doesn't listen, I advise them to look at this as a case example - we have consulted and consulted again, radically changing the scheme several times as we attempted to accommodate the views of as many people and local businesses as we could.

In the end, the two remaining outstanding issues were the traffic orders outside the Ken Warne shop/Post Office on Cleveland Terrace, and waiting restrictions on the junction of The Woodlands and Milbank Road. Ken Warnes were still unhappy with the final traffic orders outside the shop, but I know that we have tried to accommodate both the needs of the Post Office but also the interests of local residents who have to live there 365 days a year.

On Milbank Road, the Police were unhappy with protecting this junction with double yellow lines. Conseqquently, officer advice in the report was to not go ahead with restrictions here. Over the weekend, however, I received a well-argued letter from a resident of The Woodlands who pointed out the road safety problems there at present. Cllr. Tony Richmond, one of the Conservative ward councillors backed up the argument with me subsequently. After talking further with the officers, I was pleased that I could set the Police objections aside, and proceed with the original lining as planned. Another small example of the Council listening and responding to local people.

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