Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pedestrian Heart Update

Before Crimbo, time for another stroll around the PH works. As you can see, a lot of progress has been made since I took my last set of snaps on November 9. The steps and paving have been completed in Blackwellgate in preparation for the Life Pulse sculpture. People are getting used to wandering safely in the middle of what were bus- and car-dominated landscapes - previously shoppers still clung to the old pavement line.

Works continues along High Row south to lay more paving and open up more areas around Post House Wynd. Construction of the curved planter around the exhibition space is expected to be complete in early January as is the road tie-in between Prospect Place and Bondgate. This includes the pavements either side of the road on the corner of Bondgate. Over the Christmas period, temporary tarmac will be used to fill in holes to allow as many areas to be walked on as possible.

The Echo had an interesting piece by the ever-readable Chris Loyd today regarding reddish stones uncovered during the work near to the Market. Apparently there are photos, and if I can get copies, I'll post them here.


Mike Barker said...

It's a shame you didn't include a photograph of the permanent punctuation howler included in the Pedestrian Heart scheme.
Christmas quiz: a pack of The Health Warehouse's finest home-made luxury mince pies to the first person to add a comment identifying said error.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for that, Mike - I'll use it for a bit more shameless publicity with my good friends at the Liar...

Anonymous said...

Punctuation howler? What are you talking about? Please explain for those of us who don't shop in Darlington but travel to towns where there are no high rise steps and we get free parking.

Mike said...

Is it an extra apostrophe somewhere? We've got some photos of non-permanent errors on the Bike Darlington blog.

Darlington Councillor said...

Anonymous: -

I suggest you take advantage of the reduced car parking rates in town (£1.60 for up to 3 hours now in short stay) and have a look for yourself. After where in Shildon can you access Binns? Does Northallerton have an M&S that sells clothing? Richmond has nothing like the variety of small traders such as the Health Warehouse or the specialist Grange Road traders, together with the large multiples, here in Darlington.

I'm not sure what you mean about high rise steps - maybe someone has misled you and you're thinking of the old High Row steps that were such a trip hazard?

Better still, help the environment and come down by bus. Or even dust down your bike! We'd be happy to see you.

Best wishes,


Darlington Councillor said...

Mike - I think to win the prize you'll have to be more specific. I'll let Mike B decide who's won.

Mike Barker said...

Time for a rhyming clue:

Buckton's has a nice one and it's in the right place
Clark's could have had one, if they'd given it a space
Mechanics' has a name, but where's our little friend?
Poor punctuation drives me right round the bend.

Mike said...

I know what it is now :)

I noticed the "Buckton's Yard" engraved into the paving this afternoon, and so thought maybe the mistake was that it should be plural possessive (Bucktons' Yard).

I noticed that Clark's Yard didn't have its name carved in the floor and thought it was odd. Any reason for that.

I didn't check Mechanics' Yard, but I assume that has "Mechanic's Yard" carved into the paving, based on Mike's clue. I suppose there were multiple mechanics in the yard, making it "Mechanics' Yard", but the engraving is "Mechanic's Yard"?

I like mince pies; do I win?

Ian White said...


In the top photo the black tarmac looks lovely around that inspection cover, These days you can get cement dye would a sandy coloured cement of not fitted in better than that black afterthought?

Darlington Councillor said...

Congratulations to Mike, who correctly identified the problem at Mechanics' Yard. Mike Barker has given the answer on the Town Liar thus;

"The names of some of the yards are embedded in the new stonework on High Row. Buckton's Yard is correctly spelt. Clark's Yard mysteriously has no identifying name, while Mechanics' Yard, presumably previously home to a plurality of mechanics and therefore requiring an apostrophe after the 's', has its name there, but no apostrophe at all."

So well done Mike (M). Purists like Mike B (and me!) will be delighted to learn that the mistake is to be sorted out.

Ian is of course correct - the area of asphalt jars with the rest of the scheme in Blackwellgate. I've asked why this is, and have been assured that it is owing to the presence of cabling beneath (for someone like BT). When this has been sorted, paving will finish the area off.

Ian White said...

Pleased about that Nick, because despite my disgust at the cost and various other features the small parts of the paving I have seen is starting to look nice.

Darlington Councillor said...

Christmas is indeed the Season of Miracles..... :)