Friday, December 15, 2006

The Nasty Party

The Darlington Conservative Future website has never lived up to its proclaimed mission to stimulate debate about the future of the town, being little more than a back-slapping exercise for our local opposition.

What to make then of the most recent posting by "Dave" Davies, one of their candidates for Pierremont, who criticises the Tory Council leadership for not referring John Williams to the Standards Board. He says,

"But it was done by an individual, when it should have been we Conservatives that pushed this through.Too much nicey, nicey is going on. If we want to win, it is time fight." (sic)

My fellow blogger LibDem Mike Barker anticipated trouble for the Conservative leadership if the "braying" Tory candidates he met in the Council gallery got elected in May. It looks like the mutterings and recriminations have started 5 months ahead of schedule...

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