Friday, December 22, 2006

Don't call Time Team

Chris Lloyd in Wednesday's Echo metioned the discovery of a line of "unusual boulders which appear to be part of something that once stood on the site" uncovered by the Pedestrian Heart work next to the Market on West Row. Chris speculates that they could be the foundations of a cottage that stood by the butchers' shambles and the old tollbooth. (Typically, there's no link from the Echo website to the article).

John Buxton the Director of Development and Environment at the Town Hall took some snaps, but as Chris notes, the archaeologist wasn't very impressed with the remains. As promised here are a couple of pictures, so you can see why!


cantwaitformay07 said...

Hi Nick! Happy Christmas! Good of John Buxton to remind everyone of the 'unknown depth'of a gas pipe in a similar trench outside Binns which cost the ratepayers approx £80,000.

Happy new year!

Darlington Councillor said...

I suspect that a dog digging for a bone would have reminded you of that gas pipe, CMFM07...

Best wishes,