Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Night Out

Just back in from Darlington Labour Party's Annual Dinner at Darlington FC, attended by 260+ guests.

This fundraiser has become a firm fixture in the calender, raising thousands for our campaigning effort round town. It was good to meet several new members tonight, as well as colleagues from the trade union movement.

Our guest speaker was David Blunkett. David was good value, mixing politics with the more light-hearted stuff. He ended with the old story, but none the worse for that, of George Brown, Harold Wilson's deputy PM and Foreign Secretary, who like Hobbes was "fond of a dram." George, tired and emotional, approached a magnificently-dressed figure in purple at a function in Peru, and asked for a dance. "There are three reasons why I will not dance with you," came the reply. "One, you are very drunk. Two, they are playing my national anthem. And three, I am the Cardinal Archbishop of Lima."


Anonymous said...


Someone once said that George Brown would have made a better Prime Minister drunk than Harold Wilson was when sober.

My favourite political quotes come from Gore Vidal when someone asked him what would have happened if Kruschev and not Kennedy had been assasinated. He replied "there is one thing certain Aristotle Onassis would not have married Mrs. Kruschev."

Or on Ronald Regan Vidal said "he represented a triumph of the embalmer's art."


Darlington Councillor said...

Excellent Alan.

Now we've good political anecdotes from Labour (me) and the LibDems (Alan). Time for a Tory contribution.....